The Jade City of Mishoctlan is the last city of an ancient elven empire. The rest of the empire died out 800 years ago, while Mishoctlan was in its infancy. In the years since, it has become the hub for many other races in the region.

Over the years the races have formed a counsel that rules over the city in unison with the ancient elven families. The two Counsels each have their own faction of flying knights, who share a rivalry, but work together to protect the city. The Families each field their lesser born sons and daughters as giant hummingbird riders, while the Citizen’s Counsel has allied with the local halfling clans, to field an army of dragonfly riders.

The city itself covers a massive area and takes many days to traverse on foot in addition to the fact that most of the city is built upward in the boughs and trunks of massive ancient trees. Many of the trees have been taken over by various non-elven races, which have hollowed layers and built structures of glass, steel or wood across the surface or within the trees at various levels.

An organization known as the Moonbringers operates out of the shadows to maintain balance and justice in the city. They often work for the Hidden House Tarkanan and it is rumored that they are actually secretly the members of that family.

Crime in the Jade City is rampant. Drug dens and black market vendors openly peddle their wares and offerings in the lower parts of the city and some are even sanctioned by the city’s government.

Leafpunk in Mishoctlan

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